1.) Feds may have to bail out Detroit for a second time – If the federal government decides, in its finite wisdom, that poorly run states and municipalities do not deserve to sink or swim based on the electoral acumen of their residents (or lack thereof), and chooses instead to "bail out" bankrupt members of the American federation, there will be some irony in the decision.

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The city of Detroit, in the U.S. state of Michigan, has gone through a major economic and demographic decline in recent decades.The population of the city has fallen from a high of 1,850,000 in 1950 to 677,116 in 2015, kicking it off the top 20 of US cities by population for the first time since 1850..

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At first blush, the natural inclination for many may be to bail out Detroit. Although the federal government offers a range of subsidies for healthcare policies obtained through these connectors,

The teachers learned over the weekend the district is set to run out of money on June 30, meaning the teachers may not be paid. More than half of Detroit’s schools are closed again today as the.

General Motors and the U.S. Treasury Department announced on Wednesday morning that they have agreed to a plan under which Treasury. on the $49.5 billion "investment" it made to bail out GM in 2009.

What makes you think it was luck? Even though I was against the bailout at the time, and even though a lot of jobs were lost when GM downsized, I think a lot more people would have lost their jobs if the government hadn’t done something, and preventing that from happening seems pretty smart to me, even if the success was luck-driven.