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You don’t want to make an offer that’s too big or too small. Instead, to have the best chance of reaching a deal, you need to make an offer that’s just right. Tips for making an offer on a house

“Make sure you’re solidly pre-approved” for a mortgage. seller accepts your offer. Make sure all other terms in your offer, such as the closing date are flexible, Whelan says, and let the seller.

 · The most valuable information to know going into a bidding war. The way to win using the proper terms rather than by having the best price. How to.

Multiple offers are usually a good thing if you are a home seller, but knowing how to handle them is important. Yes, two offers are better than one, three better than two, etc. The sense of high demand for your home is great, and for the listing agent there is a satisfaction of a job well done.

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As a seller, it’s important to communicate with all of the potential buyers. inform them that there are multiple offers on the table and request them to provide their "best" offer. Let them know that you have set a date to review all of the offers on your home. Evaluate Mortgage Qualifications

Multiple offers often happen in a seller’s market when competition for residential property is greatest and there are more buyers than there are properties for sale. However, it can occur in any market and especially for properties within an affordable price range.

about the status of counter-offers their seller-clients have made. Finally, buyers and sellers need to appreciate that in multiple offer situations only one offer will result in a sale, and the other buyers will often be disappointed their offers were not accepted. While little can be done to

How to best handle multiple offers when you are the seller multiple offers While you may think that receiving two or more offers on your home is a great situation it actually presents some disadvantages.