These approvals are from the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida (lead state insurance regulator of. including changes with respect to income tax reform or government healthcare programs as well.

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Under the massive tax bill now poised to pass Congress – and be signed by President Trump before Christmas – homeowners no longer would be able to deduct the interest on home equity loans, a.

 · Commentary New Tax Cuts and Jobs Act impacts law firms and Attorneys: What’s in It for You? Late in December, many local attorneys and law firm administrators were following the Republican tax.

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In light of the new limits on SALT, it’s an open question how many wealthy New Yorkers will move to lower-tax states like Florida and take their tax revenue. In addition, because the tax reform.

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Here are three big impacts of the tax reform that homeowners should know about: Depending on the loan amount, new homeowners may need to take a smaller tax deduction under the new law. Old law: You can deduct mortgage interest on loans up to $1 million ($500,000 if married filing separately).

The latest proposals would require homeowners to need to live in their homes for five out of the last eight years to be exempt. If they are not exempt, they will pay $12,360 in capital gain taxes. In Florida last year, 14.9 percent of homeowners lived in their homes for two to four years and would not be able to take the tax exemption.

Tax reform pushing people to Florida A new tax bill was signed into law on December 22, 2017. The new legislation will have a major impact on all consumers in 2018 and beyond, but how does it directly impact you?. If you’re a homeowner, the following areas could impact your future tax deductions as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.