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A 2013 study from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) shows that the average buyer of a single-family home will stay in that home approximately 13 years before moving out. For first time.

Here are first-time buyer tips to avoid serious missteps.. In fact, the median down payment on a home is 13 percent, FHA loans can fill the gap for borrowers who don't have top-notch credit or little money saved up.

Are you a first-time homebuyer looking for assistance with your down payment? This review provides resources and links to many programs in DC, VA and MD.

First Time Home Buyers Know the Basics and Improve Your FHA Loan Chances. As a first-time homebuyer, there might be a lot of unknowns. Whether it’s the mortgage lingo, type of home loans, or even down payment requirements, the flood of new information can be overwhelming.

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HomeReady Mortgage Program. The HomeReady Mortgage program is ideal for first-time homebuyers with a credit score of at least 620, but with minimal income and low cash reserves. The minimum down payment is as low as 3 percent, and mortgage insurance can be canceled once you reach 20 percent in equity.

the Charlotte metro area has been named one of the best in America for first-time homebuyers. The personal finance site Bankrate ranked the nation’s 50 largest metro areas Tuesday. The rankings were.

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Legal – HomePlus Mortgage Results of the mortgage affordability estimate/prequalification are guidelines; the estimate isn’t an application for credit and results don’t guarantee loan approval or denial. All home lending products are subject to credit and property approval. Rates, program terms and conditions are subject to.

Programs for first-time home buyers to lower your down payment amount #1 Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan program. FHA loans are administered by the Federal Housing Administration (a division of HUD) to first-time home buyers and offer down payments as low as 3.5%.

We offer loans for first-time homebuyers, and we have some programs for repeat homebuyers as well. Not sure you’re ready to take the plunge of buying a home? Take our free homebuyer class to learn all about the homebuying process and prepare for the financial responsibilities of homeownership.