Tiny houses grow in popularity, yet drawbacks abound Despite their niche appeal, tiny homes are selling. Last spring was a particularly hot season: Median days on market in April reached an all time low of 110, down 18 percent from the previous year.

10 Best Places To Retire In Florida The hurricane center warned that no one should venture outdoors into the eye of the storm. “The hurricane will move dangerously. may not make landfall in Florida. “We had lots of friends and family.

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Then Florida is the place for you! Beyond its famous sand and saltwater, the Sunshine State is packed with entertainment, unique cuisine, and just enough oddities to keep you on your toes. If you’ve always wanted to wear flip flops year round, discovering these other eight reasons you should move to Florida will have you heading south for good.

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15 Reasons Why You Should Visit Florida. Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island at west coast of Florida.. the woman twerking on a moving vehicle riding on the highway; and most recently, a man drank five gallons of vodka and lived to tell the tale. Florida is full of wild and unpredictable daily.

10 Reasons You Should Never Move To Florida. By Darryl Walters, march 2nd 2015. comment; flag Flagged;. Florida Man Butt Dials Victim, Don’t Move To Florida Florida humor states travel. More From Thought Catalog.

20 Reasons Why You Should NOT Move to Florida The following 20 reason will also answer the question "why do so many people move out of Florida?" Florida is hotter and more humid than where you moved from, and it doesn’t end when summer does.

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. of beautiful beaches, countless reasons exist for moving to Florida, but. But not everyone likes living in a place where there's an annual influx of. November through May are generally the best times to move to Florida, and even then, Department of Motor Vehicles within 10 days of moving to Florida.

Once you move to Florida, your winters will change drastically. Outdoor activities are never off-limits – every day is a good day for tennis, Not to mention, weekend getaways are a breeze when you work 10 minutes from.